Don’tcha love epiphanies?

I haven’t blogged much over the last month. I’ve been immersed in a story I’m writing. Actually, immersed in the climax of a story, a ghost story. Now, I don’t read ghost stories, and I certainly haven’t written any, until this one.

This story, A Spectre of Miracles, is about two people, Alec Johnston and Danny Ambrose, who’ve been scarred by love and have the opportunity to love and trust again. To accept this new chance, Danny must find the courage to stand up to her fears—and her philandering husband. She must trust Alec, who’s really a stranger, divorce her antagonistic husband, and commit to moving to Edinburgh to be with Alec, who, of course, is perfect. (Don’t ya just wish?)

Having committed herself to him, she’s unstoppable, returning home to do whatever battle is necessary to win a divorce and have her happily ever after.

But sometimes, happily ever after dangles just out of reach and there’s more at stake than a wedding ring. Back in New York, Danny’s so intent on winning her divorce, she misses vital clues that all’s not well in Edinburgh. Alec has developed cancer. No therapies work and he’s dying. She flies to his side.

Hmm. Well, I’ve gotten myself into this, now how do I get out?

Enter the centuries-old ghost of a parallel story line, a cannibal spirit bent on stealing Danny’s soul. Stealing souls is how he stays viable until some member of his modern-day clan can break the curse on his soul and send him to everlasting peace.

Now, it wouldn’t be terribly believable to have this ghost just up and cure Alec, would it? No. And there lay my quandary for some time. But I’ve solved it. Yes, it involved writing a cryptic curse and its solution, and yes, I did that. And I like the solution very much. It treads the line between plausible medical cure and implausible miracle, but leans toward the supernatural. (Well it IS a ghost story!)

I can see your puzzled look. I can hear you saying, wait! I don’t understand. I need more information.

I know. But to share the details of this story further would be to give too much away, so you’ll understand if I don’t. At least, I hope you will for now.

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