Mid-autumn walk

Allergies aside, mid-autumn is pure pleasure in my neck of the woods, the glorious colors that mark the season feed the mind and the soul. The weather is brisk, just  Hill trail-webright for ambling about with the dogs and my husband, so we took to the walking paths not far from our home this past Sunday. It was a nice respite from our daily schedules, and allowed my mind to ramble along with my feet.

The trees here are indigenous to our area–maples, oaks, larches, pines of several varieties, sycamores,  and more. There are wild grape bushes and wild rose bushes galore, and berry hues range from blue through reds to yellow.

path in the woods2-webEven the ubiquitous bramble bushes don’t keep my dogs at bay. Dash plunges into them after a chipmunk darts off. Tess tracks rabbits, nose to the ground, scenting constantly. Dash points mockingbirds, woodpeckers, and crows, and stares up at the squirrels who chatter threats at him from safe perches high above in the trees.

The dog don’t actually catch their prey. The hunt is the thing, and a loving scratch from either mom or dad and praise for their perfect pointing is trophy enough for them.

Ah, to be a dog, though, for upon arriving home, both promptly take a nap, while for us it’s back to tasks as usual.

lamposts and trees of all colors-webgolden oak-weblampost and red maple1-web

trail in dappled sunlight-web

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