Lancaster’s Son–Margarida’s pov

Excerpt from The Luck of Two Magpies, copyright 2012, all rights reserved.
No distribution or reproduction without the author’s express permission

“I do apologize for so late a supper, child,” Margarida said as she pulled her chair closer to Elisa’s and sat in the darkened room. “The hour was set back to accommodate Father Beaufort’s vespers.” She chuckled. “Ye should have seen the man, Cara. He did think to trap me and my clan into refusing him the hospitality of the House. Does he think I am born yesterday? And does he not feign bad memory and old age to me? Me! A woman more than twice his years and none of his university degrees.”


After five days there was little trace of Lord Beaufort’s febrile condition, and after five more he became surly with the ministrations of his physician and nurses. Aye, impatient to return to his duties for King and See was he. From his bed or chair he was a tiger, but the merest exertion left him flushed and weak-kneed.

Margarida medicated him with herbs and licorice, and spent as much time in his company as she could while cursing the fact that she had not gone deaf as her mother had.

“Lady Beaumont!” His Grace’s peevish whine set her teeth on edge. “How much longer will ye keep me prisoner here?” He shifted in his chair near the fire.

“Bite me,” she muttered under her breath, head bent to her sewing.

“Eh?” He squinted her way.

“Two days more, Your Grace. Only two days more and I shall discharge ye to the winter humors.” Were they opponents in the list, they could not glare more potently at each other.

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