Through a portal, darkly

Where do you get your creative ideas from? Nature? People? The news?

Maybe you develop a setting from nature, and people it with quirky personalities you’ve observed in friends, acquaintances, or strangers, and turn them loose to solve a mystery or murder you heard about on the news. You even add a pet here or there to enrich the story and reinforce the characters’ humanity or lack thereof.

You, the writer, are used to calling the shots, bending the rules, creating order and success where there was only chaos and failure before. Of course, it’s fiction, so we can write an HEA (happily every after), but real life promises no such ending.

So, what if the story you wrote came to life, if the romance you wrote blossomed before your eyes? That’d be nice, huh?

But how would you react if a murder mystery attached itself to folks you knew? Or if a story you wrote about a couple facing cancer together became your life?

What would you do? What COULD you do?

I hesitate to click publish here, for I have little control over this outcome, but one thing I know: We are about to find out.

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