And then there were two

I have not blogged regularly for some months. I have a good reason though. I’ve been working on a new story.

It began as relief from researching, living and breathing in The Luck of Two Magpie‘s 14th century. Contemporary life, and the story that grew from retreat to it, offered me fewer constraints. After all, I live in this era. Our time gave me the opportunity to play with modern idioms, and travel–by car and plane–was fun to write… no researching how many miles a horse could do in a day or week, or what wagons were like in 1399.

There was a problem though. While I knew HOW this new story would end, I couldn’t find the mechanism that would allow the story to build to its climax. And so I set the story aside.

Then, last spring, someone I knew fell ill with pneumonia, and in hospital, complications created a very serious situation. Thankfully, he pulled through and is in fine form again. But his complications were just what the doctor ordered–or rather, just what the writer needed. In a matter of weeks I’d finished the manuscript.

Of course, then came revisions.

But I’ve finished it, and have contacted editors and agents who kindly offered to read pages.

And in a few days, I’ll have a new page here on my website that will give readers a taste of the story. How about that? Two novels on the site.

What’s that you say? The title? Ah, yes. It’s A Spectre of Miracles. Love a good ghost story.

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