Rotten Apple

Apple has become just another Microsoft. The company offers error-filled operating systems, then tries to clean them up with subsequent OSes. With the past two updates, my iphone 5s messaging went haywire and then my camera froze.

Now, I’m pretty handy. I’ve fixed my PC laptop when it decided my password wasn’t valid by finding a back way into the registry editor and replacing a line of code to create a new password. I’ve tricked my desktop computer into starting when the start button wouldn’t work by opening the unit, bypassing start and crossing wires inside with others to get it up and running.

But reading through 26 pages of Apple discussion boards on why the camera won’t work, why everything’s blank or only works on the selfie side and not on the reverse side which either shows black or totally out of focus, only to come away thinking it may be hardware OR software, is insane.

Some of the discussion site users think it’s the OS. Some the hardware. Some say they’ve gone to an Apple Store only to be talked down to or told to buy a new phone. The word hubris and its equivalent was mentioned several times.

I’m not about to trade in my phone. It’s only a few months old, but I’d like a definitive answer as to what’s wrong with it before I try to fix the issue. And if/when I go for help, I’d like to think I’ll have an honest working partner who wears his company’s commitment to its customers proudly.

That’s what I hope. We’ll see how it goes.

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