Thanksgiving Wishes

After cooking since early this morning for the big day tomorrow, I’m offering just a quick post this week. Nothing to do with writing. More to do with family, friends, thankfulness and optimism.

FAMILY Mine is small, but we’ll gather for this holiday that really does celebrate who we are as a nation and more personally, as family members who love and support each other.

FRIENDS Mine are scattered throughout the North American continent. Those who live nearby will doubtless hear from me on Thanksgiving day; those far away will know they’re in my thoughts. I wish I could contact each one, but I can’t. I hope an email offering my best wishes will  suffice. My friends will know my wishes are heartfelt.

THANKFULNESS We lead hectic lives. This day provides us the opportunity to focus our thoughts on what we have to be thankful for. The older I get, the more there is. Family and friends, of course. Health, though it’s moderate and something new crops up with each passing year. Still, it could always be worse. And of course, this nation we live in. Red or blue, we’re all Americans, and appreciate our similarities and differences, as well as the freedom to voice them both.

OPTIMISM I am a pragmatic optimist. Can’t help it. When I can see a difficulty, I try to find a reasonable solution for it. Luckily, as problems pertain to me, none so far have been insurmountable. I’m hoping that remains the case as I’ll be out of a job on January 1, 2013. I’ve never been a believer in the saying, when one door closes another opens. I believe you have to work for what you want. That applies to writing, to researching agents, and to researching and applying for a new position. I’ve begun that process already.

And so I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving with family and friends around you, thankfulness and optimism in your hearts, and a superb dinner in your tummies.

Stuffed, rolled pork roast (yes, after 40 years, a change was due)
Stuffing with cornbread, veggies, apples and sausage
Vanilla yams with streusel topping
Cauliflower with red and green pepper  au gratin
Cranberry relish
Home made honey wheat rolls
Nutella filled turnovers
Carmelized grape pie
Asti spumanti, wine and beer

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Wishes

    • It wasn’t too bad. Of the new recipes, the cauliflower was yummy, but the grape pie was way too rich and sweet–and it let me know it! 🙂
      Do you celebrate Thanksgiving?

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