Ruffles and Flourishes

A writer I know is close to completing a herculean task. Last October, she committed to reading–and reviewing–a book a day for a year. She thought that since obligations and lack of funding kept her from pursuing the MFA she craved, the process of reading and reviewing so many books would be a quasi-substitute. It would be a guide to discerning the good from the bad in literature. It could help her to internalize the elements of storytelling–writing, plotting, story arcs, pacing, characterization–and sharpen these skills.

Not that she needs much sharpening. As a business writer, Maerwydd McFarland, said  blogger, is peerless. She’s insightful, conscientious and unrelenting in the pursuit of client satisfaction. I speak from experience, having worked with her in a business setting.

But as booklolly, she readily admits “there have been days when the necessity to read and blog a book saved me. There were even more days when I thought it would kill me.”

It’s tough to balance running a sole proprietorship business that feeds the family while finding the time to develop and hone the craft that nourishes one’s soul.

Needless to say, I am in awe of her fortitude, her commitment and her talent. Visit her booklolly blog here and read some of the year’s worth of her reviews. Booklolly has read and reviewed children’s, YA, genre and nongenre novels and the occasional nonfiction work.

For Maerwydd’s writer’s blog, see the Friends, Gnomies and Other Awesome Writers listing at right.

Brava, M!


3 thoughts on “Ruffles and Flourishes

  1. V. cool blog and I am honored to be the subject of an eloquent post. As soon as I get off this read-a-thon, I can track it faithfully. I’ll be buckling down to finish revising two manuscripts and a couple of shorts so it will be fascinating to follow your progress pitching your FAB, TERRIFIC, MEMORABLE story. It definitely stays in your head so Bravo to you for crafting a believable and rockin’ timeslip!

  2. “It’s tough to balance running a sole proprietorship business that feeds the family while finding the time to develop and hone the craft that nourishes one’s soul.” #mymorninginspiration

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