In the Footprints of the Past


The castle’s a bit drafty, the stairs are uneven at best, and the whole place needs a good dusting, but the view from the ramparts is stunning and visitors are always welcome, so thanks for stopping by.

Below, to the right, is my watch dragon, Ouroboros. From ancient Egypt and throughout history, he is the symbol of cyclical rebirth. He’s been much in demand, seeing himself used in religious, mythical, and psychological realms. Here in this castle of stone, he’s a reminder that nothing is truly permanent, and that everything is subject to change, rebirth if you will.

For me, as a writer, he represents rewriting, re-envisioning, and re-interpretation, all parts of the revision process.

I hope this is the first of many posts. I’m still getting my bearings here, and the salt air, while brisk and heady, sometimes more lulls than invigorates me in my stone aerie.

Which leads me to a question. Whether you write or are involved in any of the creative arts, what invigorates you? What relaxes you?

Do leave me a comment, and come back soon. I’ll try to have something fascinating–or at least worthwhile–to say. 😉

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